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Cookie Sandwiches
Cookie Sandwiches
Cookie Sandwiches
Cookie Sandwiches

Cookie Sandwiches

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If you've had our Pre-Packaged Cookie Sandwiches, these are twice the size and twice the yum.

Chocolate Chip: The crowd pleaser, made with 74% organic dark chocolate and pure vanilla.

Caramel: Baked and swirled with our house made Caramel

Kitchen Sink*: With a little bit of everything you want; organic chocolate chips, caramel, oats, sea salt and pecans.

Mint Chocolate: Chocolate cookie baked with mint and housemade dark chocolate ganache

Oatmeal: Traditionally delicious oatmeal cookie with hints of cinnamon & spice

Peanut Butter Chocolate Sea Salt*: Our number one seller, this peanut butter cookie comes with dark chocolate and a hint of sea salt. 

Snickerdoodle: The cinnamon and sweetness will bring you back 

*All our items are made with organic and sustainable ingredients

All cookies are sandwiched with a vanilla whipped cream. 



All our products are made with Organic & Sustainable Ingredients