Work at Wholesome Bakery


Kitchen Manager

We are looking for someone to lead our team of bakers to the next phase of Wholesome Bakery excellence! We need someone who can keep their head down and get the job done in the kitchen, but who also takes the bigger picture into account, and wants to let both skills shine. Our ideal candidate knows exactly how powerful the numbers are in a small food business, and can’t wait to see the positive impact of their work.

The Wholesome Bakery Mission is...

“To inspire and provide high quality, sustainably made,
allergy friendly products that everyone can enjoy while servicing
our environment, the small working farmer, and ecological habitats.”

Our Products are...

  • Made with Sustainable Ingredients
  • Made with Natural Sweeteners, Never Refined Sugar
  • Gluten Free 
  • Vegan
  • Soy Free 
  • Trans Fat Free 
  • Low Glycemic

Role Qualifications

  • Minimum 3 years experience in all listed responsibilities (below)
  • Minimum 3 years experience in a large-scale production kitchen or restaurant
  • Fluent/conversant in both English and Spanish strongly preferred
  • Willing and able to take an assessment in regards to costing and balancing a budget
  • Technology know-how:
    • Proficient in Google Drive
    • Basic understanding of Square and Shopify
    • A general comprehension of current and emerging tech solutions
  • Team Leadership by example:
    • Takes pride in demonstrating trustworthiness through quality of work and clear communication 
    • Hard working self starter who is willing to jump in anywhere for the greater good of the team
    • Enjoys people and being part of a team, especially as it pertains to effective training, team development, and accountability
    • Keeps calm under pressure, handling even the toughest situations with composure and critical thinking
    • Shares a positive long-term vision of growth with Wholesome Bakery
  • Business Administration mindset:
    • Manages all aspects of the role with attention to detail and organization
    • Equally appreciates time “off the line” to manage kitchen performance through food budget control and inventory management
    • Appropriately prioritizes instructions, requests, and deadlines, and understands how their work impacts the bakery’s financial bottom line
    • Brings creativity and “outside the box” thinking to existing systems, to contribute new, more efficient ways to work and strengthen our team
    • Digests information in real-time and changes course, as needed


Team Management - [30%]

  • Managing B.O.H. team & schedule 
    • Comfortable leading, giving direction and holding staff accountable.
  • Working side by side with our production team

Production Management - [35%]

  • Quality Control 
    • All products leaving our kitchen should be to spec. The kitchen manager is viewed as “the last line of defense” and we expect all items to meet our quality standards.
  • Forecasting & Production Planning 
    • Experience and understanding of how to effectively implement methods of production planning for the ease and efficiency of the team. With comprehensive knowledge of forecasting.
  • Maintaining a clean, organized environment following health code standards

Cost Management - [35%]

  • Costing of all products
    • Proficient in implementing accurate food costs to ensure we are not overspending.
  • Inventory management & purchasing 
    • Perpetuating an organized kitchen and backstock area allowing all team members to find any item at all times. Ensuring that inventory accounting is accurate and we are not purchasing items unnecessarily.
  • Managing monthly food cost budget 
    • Vast understanding of balancing a budget and ability to stay on target as related to your monthly available budget.

Position Details

  • Full time > Days off Tuesday & Wednesday when we are closed to the public <
  • Starts at 50k a year with a 6-month goal-orientated review for promotion
  • Kaiser Health Care - 100% Premium Covered
  • After 2 years with the company, options for company shares with an additional 2 year vesting period.
  • Free product & meals
  • Women/Minority-owned and run company

Overall, we are looking for a highly motivated individual who can hit the ground running with this role and enjoys all aspects of being our Kitchen Manager. Our ideal candidate dearly believes in what Wholesome Bakery stands for and wants to help change the way the world eats while also helping the environment and those in need. We are an equal opportunity company and are looking for the right person who wants to grow with Wholesome Bakery.

      Please download a job application here. Email it along with your resume to 

      We will be in touch asap! xoxo