Who Taught You to Bake, Create Recipes & Decorate Cakes

Another common question I'm asked as an Owner of a Bakery; Who taught you how to create recipes, bake and decorate cakes? 

At the age of 11, I completely shifted the way I ate and had to learn how to cook for myself. Then as I got older I developed multiple food allergies on top of having an already restricted diet. Finding food that I could eat was challenging to say the very least. 

So as someone who only knows how to dive in head first, with lots of trial and error I began creating recipes for myself that I could actually eat. Being a lover of treats, the biggest challenge was finding baked goods that weren’t loaded with crap ingredients. 

What started as a remedy for myself, quickly turned into an awareness that I wasn’t alone. With no examples on how to bake this way, I realized that my love of studying food and ingredients early on, was now paying off. Helping me to understand the science in what I do and just as important, how flavors and ingredients react to each other. 

Don’t get me wrong I had tons of failures, but I stuck at it and relentlessly worked at my craft. Over the years I was lucky enough to surround myself with countless talented people; cooks, chefs, artists, musicians, photographers, makers and doers, which I’m sure taught me more than I even realize. 

I feel so incredibly grateful that I was able to turn my passion into a thriving business. Similarly, I feel so thankful that I get to create and work with my hands daily using one of my favorite things; unique ingredients. 

xox, Mandy